Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting

Dr. Bagnell uses a combination chiropractic analysis as well as the Arthrostim chiropractic adjusting instrument for most of his treatments. The benefit the Arthrostim chiropractic instrument creates is a more specific, targeted, longer lasting, and effective adjustment. Arthrostim adjusting takes the scare factor out for some patients and eases fears from patients who might otherwise never seek chiropractic care. The attraction is a lower force that is required for corrective treatment when compared to manual hand adjusting, but more effective and a lot safer and no twisting.




The video will demonstrate the use of the instrument. You will notice the back lower neck segments not freely moving before the treatment and then see the lower segments moving freely.



The ArthroStim divides the energy of a single chiropractic adjustment into “rapid successive inputs.” In this way, the ArthroStim maintains a consistent peak force which makes for a more comfortable and effective adjustment.  The example I share with my patient is simple. Multiple taps in the spine vibrate the bone and cause it to have better movement. It’s like tapping on a nail lightly with a hammer. As you tap the nail it starts to move.  “Have you ever hung a picture on the wall with a nail and a hook”

Here is the Science:

This frequency is said to be optimal for stimulating proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors around trigger points which in turn stimulate the brain. There are scientific studies indicate that specific light adjustments are more effective than large adjustments.

Thus, the ArthroStim, with its less forceful method stimulates only mechano- and proprio-receptors without activating pain receptors. This is known as a “neurological assist” technique and allows the practitioner to manage and treat more conditions than he/she could with a more traditional chiropractic approach. Because the ArthroStim does not use a single, forceful thrust, larger and stiffer individuals can be more safely adjusted.