My Personal Lyme Story

I never thought it would happen to me

I personally contracted Lyme disease in the summer of June 2004, and not knowing what all the symptoms were and the lack of information available on the subject, I thought I had the flu, based on my symptoms. As a chiropractor, my treatment protocol included chiropractic treatments, homeopathy, and treatment using a muscle stimulation machine for the tightness I was feeling between my shoulders. I thought the tightness along my spine originated from the log pile I had moved a few days earlier, but as time went on the pain became so intense that I knew something was very wrong.

Dr. Lawrence Bagnell-Tyler Park-Newtown Chiropractor

My diagnosis of having flu like symptoms got progressively worse and I started having depth perception problems when reaching for objects. My brain, eyes and body felt disconnected. Holding my head upright became exhausting as shooting pains ran up and down my spine.  A rash in the shape of a bull’s-eye started to appear on the inside of my right thigh within 24 hours. There was no itching of the rash, it wasn’t raised like a spider bite, just excessive heat in that area, but with the flu like symptoms and loss of depth perception, pains along with the bullseye rash, I concluded that I had contracted Lyme.

At the time the only treatment know was antibiotics in the medical community as many doctors didn’t know enough about this type of infection. Thinking in and outside of the box I used a combination of treatments that included antibiotics and alternative treatments (herbs, colloidal silver, homeopathics, and nutrients). Within FIVE days I was almost fully recovered and continued to treat myself alternatively for the next 6 months. I didn’t want to develop any of the lingering side effects from the infection which I had studied.

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lyme tick treatment bucks county Dr. BagnellThere are many treatment options available, but the most common medical treatment used is antibiotics.  Though this treatment works in many cases, for those cases where current medical treatment doesn’t work I offer you an alternative option.

We have found and tested a natural treatment protocol created to focus on different areas systems in your body by working on drawing out these bacteria that lie dormant in your body which may be causing your current or continued symptoms related to Lyme disease.

Lyme Information


The treatment consists of nutrients, herbs and homeopathic remedies to open up drainage pathways in your body’s systems allowing the toxins and bacteria to be purged from you over a period of time.


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