Laboratory Testing

About Saliva Testing

Saliva testing has many advantages over blood testing. Saliva specimen collection does not require a blood draw and there are no risks to patients. Saliva collections are convenient and can be done at work or at home. When stored properly, saliva samples are stable for several weeks.

With an accuracy of 92-96%, saliva testing is more accurate than blood testing. The ability to collect more than one specimen is another advantage of saliva testing because this can give providers more information than a single collection. Compared to blood testing, saliva testing is also more affordable.

Hormones and Our Daily Lives

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Saliva Testing – Diagnos-Techs, Inc

Testing that is available through our office: 
–Peri & Post Menopausal Hormone Panels
–Cycling Female Hormone Panel
–Male Hormone Panel
–Adrenal Stress Index
–Carbohydrate Challenge Test
–GI Health Panel
–Bone Health Panel

Test panel fees range from $112-270 depending upon testing.

All Laboratory testing fees are paid directly to the lab company. Diagnostic Kits can be picked up directly from our office. We will not bill your insurance company.  

Lab results interpretation and recommendation fees like all nutrition services, are cash services. Please be prepared to pay your bill at the time of service.

Supplement Return Policy:    No returns, for any reason are accepted.  No exceptions.