Lyme Disease Information

Lyme is a growing concern as many people will be working and playing outdoors not anticipating that they can fall suspect to the Lyme spirochete and the symptoms it can develop.

Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed through standard blood test and it’s very rare many will pay out of pocket for the Igenex test because of its cost. This being said, many individuals will continue in their daily lives while the Lyme spirochete continues to create havoc and slowly causes the their body to develop multiple ailments not detected or understood by most doctors.

I’m  speaking from my personal experience having contracted Lyme as well as my children. I have worked on developing a treatment protocol that has benefited my entire family and we all live normal healthy lives without any side effects from Lyme. Our program at our office works on building up the body’s immune system with different wholefood nutrients, homeopathic remedies, and herbal compounds in a course of 60 days, which supports your body in fighting off conditions and symptoms associated with Lyme. Call 215-504-2711 and stop the suffering. 

Lyme Season

Lyme season runs from March through the first frost (usually end of November). Lyme is found all over, including Canada and Europe.  Lyme is transmitted to humans and animals through ticks, such as the Ixodes scapularis (Deer Tick) and Amblyomma americanum (Lone Star tick).  A small percentage of Dog Ticks can also carry Lyme.  All developmental stages of the tick can transmit Lyme.

4 Life Stages of Hard Ticks:Lyme tick Treatment Natural Bagnell Chirorpactic Bucks county Langhorne Newtown Yardley PA 2016

  1. Egg – hatches to a larva
  2. Larva – has 6 legs. It takes a blood meal and then molts to a nymph
  3. Nymph – has 8 legs. It takes a blood meal and then molts to either an adult female or adult male
  4. Adult – has 8 legs and sex differentiation to male and female

Female – has a small shield covering only the top 1/3 of its body. This leaves the rest of the body flexible so it can engorge with blood.  When the female feeds the shield is pushed forward.  The female takes a blood meal, mates, lays eggs, and dies.

Male – has a hard shield covering the full length of the tick. The male feeds for moisture, but cannot engorge.

Ticks are usually found in wooded areas, including tall grass, but they can be found in your own backyard. Rodents and deer usually carry the infected tick. Also, birds will use ticks as food and can drop the tick into your backyard, hair, etc.  Mosquitoes, wasp, and fleas may transmit Lyme, by biting an infected person, then biting you. Research on this is ongoing.  

 Signs and Symptoms of Lyme:

The most common sign of Lyme is the bull’s eye rash.  Some people get this rash, while others do not.  This is because of the type of bacteria the tick is carrying when it bites you.  Some other symptoms are flu-like illness, joint pain, brain fog or memory loss, headaches, chest pain, heart palpitations, Bell’s Palsy, MS, etc.


These are other tick-borne infections that can be contracted at the same time as the Lyme.

  • Babesiosis – parasite that mimics Lyme symptoms
  • Bartonellosis – caused by intracellular bacteria. AKA Cat-Scratch Fever.
  • Ehrlichosis – parasite that mimics Lyme symptoms
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – caused by a parasite
  • Tularemia – caused by a bacteria
  • Variety of symptoms and diseases – caused from having chronic Lyme.

Borrellia burgforferi (Lyme Bacteria):

  • can be inter-cellular and hides; goes dormant & mutates
  • becomes sequestered in difficult to penetrate sites (central nervous system, joints, eyes)
  • use body’s own cells to shield them
  • may have other than spirochete forms such as L-form (cell wall deficient) and cystic form (giant L-body)
  • have been found in clients after long-term treatment of antibiotics
  • may be associated with a neurotoxin

My Personal Story


What to do if you get bit:

It is recommended that you get a blood test, regardless if it is negative or positive. If you are recommended antibiotics as a course of treatment you can still start our program in conjunction with your treatment.

Our program works on providing a foundation in building up the body’s immune system with different wholefood nutrients, homeopathic remedies, and herbal compounds which supports your body in fighting off conditions and symptoms associated with Lyme.

The sooner we can catch Lyme, the quicker your body will be able to get rid of it.  Call our office to schedule an appointment or to discuss protocol suggestions for Lyme disease.

Lyme 60-day program works on three phases:

Phase I: Unlock – preset body and focus on waste removal systems (Digestive, liver through the colon).

Phase II: Neutralize – high toxic substances from Phase I and bringing out pathogen from deep cellular layers while supporting body’s immune response system.

Phase III: Eliminating – aid in pathogens and toxic elimination while continually boosting the body’s immune response.


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