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Bagnell Technique

Malposition Babies and Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

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About The Book

Bagnell Technique, first edition, is a comprehensive resource that covers step by step procedures of the “Bagnell Technique for Malposition Babies and Pregnancy Care” as well as homeopathic suggestions for specific conditions associated with pregnancy.

These procedures have been tested and refined on hundreds of patients over my 28 years in the chiropractic profession, with proven results. This reference carefully demonstrates specific locations and correction contact points plus lines of drive that best fit the everchanging pregnant patient. Learn, Dr. Lawrence Bagnell’s, steps used which has benefits pregnant women in turning their Breech Babies. The Bagnell Techniques known worldwide as the go to Breech Baby turning technique and many steps have been used/or adapted into other pregnancy chiropractic techniques.

The pubic bone and sacral rotation misalignments have proven to be the major problem areas with most breech babies after ruling out any underlying medical conditions.


What’s inside


Table Setup


Short Leg Determination


Trochanter Rotation


Pubic Bone Analysis


Pubic Bone Groin Pain


Bagnell Breech Turning Technique

Bagnell Technique Book

If I can teach one person, that can change the lives of two, then I have truly made a difference in this world.

The step by step guidelines include:

  • Table Setup
  • Determining the Short Leg
  • Trochanter Rotation
  • Pubic Bone Analysis
  • Sacral rotation
  • Coccyx Analysis
  • Round Ligament Pain Theory
  • Homeopathy
  • Accupressure for Labor
  • Infrared Imaging
  • Bagnell Technique for Breech Babies and more




If you’re interested in making a bigger impact in women’s lives, then learn these easy to follow steps and make an immediate impact in your community and our world.

Easy to read and detailed step by steps to follow.

Dr. Anothy S.

I've been looking to add pregnancy to my practice and Dr. Lawrence Bagnell's book hit the nail on the head. Thank you!

Dr. Bonnie B.

Increíble paso a paso con imágenes de alta calidad y más.

Dr. Lesette A.

About the author.

Dr. Lawrence Bagnell has studied and utilizes over 14 different chiropractic techniques. Inthe late 90’s, Dr. Bagnell started developing the “Bagnell technique”, focusing on why breech babies occurred and how can chiropractic can assist in getting them to turn into a normal delivery position.

Over the years his “Bagnell Technique for Malposition Babies and Pregnancy Care system” has assisted many woman worldwide have a natural childbirth.


I hope that you understand that to truly make a difference in this world you must start by looking at yourself and what lasting purpose you want to leave. 

Dr. Bagnell

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