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21 Day Purification Testimonial

21 Day purification program client Ann H.

Katya, I started Tuesday.  First two days uneventful.  Yesterday, felt like I was run over with a Mack truck.  Today, feel like I could run a marathon!  Lol. Each night I’m sleeping a little better.  Not taking any CBD or anything for sleep.  So that’s amazing!!! The most important, and I think significant, thing you’ve said to me so far is that I need to let my liver, and I’m assuming other vital organs as well, get a rest.  I think a whole lot of wisdom there Katya.  If for no other reason, I have become a ‘supplement addict’!  Not good.  This is awesome.  A reset like you said. You may be saving my life.  Thank you very much Katya (Holistic Nutritionist) – Ann H. 2020