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Regular Sour Cream vs Light Sour Cream

On the left is regular sour cream, to the right, the *light sour cream.

Also included are the ingredients labels for each, respectively.

The short of this post is many, MANY times, choosing the whole fat, regular product, but enjoying it in limited amounts is the overall healthier, safer choice.

The longer explanation is, notice the ingredients label and the additional ingredients in the *light version.

Below are the common side effects for some of the the additional ingredients:

MODIFIED FOOD STARCH: Sudden weight gain, allergy-like symptoms, MSG is commonly added to it, however that doesn’t have to be listed since it’s an ingredient of an ingredient.

CORN STARCH: Weight gain, high blood pressure, cancer, anemia, constipation, ulcers, tooth decay, diabetes….😳

POTASSIUM SORBATE (extends shelf life, preservative): Allergy and intolerance reactions, nasal congestion

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