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Dr. Bagnell was very knowledgeable and alleviated lower back pain. I look forward to future sessions. – by Sang K.

So happy to have Bagnell Chiropractic and Nutritional Services! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a chiropractor, nutrition or has questions about their overall health. – by Nicole A.

It was one of the best experience ever. Great doctor, great office with a great approach. Unlike many other doctors I’ve seen in my life, he is really interested in all the details about my health and works at bring them all together to find the best solution for me. – by Elena C.

Dr. Bagnell is phenomenally knowledgeable in his expertise. He is more than just a chiropractor; he is a leader for overall health and also a teacher to other doctors in the field. He also provides his patients with a world of knowledge and understanding. The office is very comfortable and everyone there is both friendly and accommodating. This is definitely a practice where you can build a lasting relationship for your chiropractic and whole-health needs. – by Mike Y.

Dr. Bagnell was professional, thorough and friendly. He listened to me and at no time did I ever feel like he was rushing through the appointment. It was a great experience. – by Bernadette G.

Office is really friendly, and I received thorough and informative treatment. – by Elyse L.

Professional, thorough and friendly office. They listened to me and at no time did I ever feel like he was rushing through the appointment. It was a great experience. – by Joseph J.

Bagnell Chiropractic & Nutritional Services treats the whole you, through proper spine alignment & optimal nutritional health.  My weekly chiropractic adjustments correct any alignment issues I may have from daily life to the physical activity I enjoy.   The nutritional programs are tailored to your body’s specific changing needs. Both provide total body care that affords me the ability to play hard & feel fantastic.  Who said 60’s are over the hill!   A huge heartfelt thank you Dr. Bagnell and Katya. – Jeanne H.

Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments utilizing “state of the art” chiropractic techniques. 


Pregnancy Care

Specially designed chiropractic  tables and  techniques. Creator of “The Bagnell Technique for Malpositioned Babies and Pregnancy care.


Nutritional Services

Focused nutritional support looks at the whole person and not just the symptoms at hand.


Auto Injury Care

Almost everyone will be involved in a traffic collision.


CBD Solutions

We specialize in authentic hemp products. We are your source for Charlotte’s Web hemp extract, Hemp Extact sprays, balms concentrated, vape and capsules.

Family Care

Chiropractic care is the backbone of a healthy family.


Weight Loss

A 21-Day Body Cleanse to Create Healthy Habits.


Sport Injury Care

Treating common sports injuries with chiropractic and sports compression wear.


Senior Care

Elderly patients are often the most grateful patients, receiving much needed relief from back and neck aches, arthritic pain..


Lyme Treatment

 Call our office to schedule an appointment or to discuss our natural protocol suggestions for Lyme disease.


Leaky Gut Treatment

“The Gut Flora Balance Program was very easy and I didn’t have to eliminate or add any foods to my regular diet. After about four weeks, I noticed my ulcerative colitis symptoms greatly decreased and as a bonus my blood pressure went down.


Gentle Instrument Treatment

Lower force that is required for corrective treatment when compared to manual hand adjusting, but more effective and a lot safer and no twisting.



Brain Function Memory and Mood

70-80% of them are produced in your intestines. The other 20-30% are produced in your Central Nervous System (your brain & spinal cord)

Children's Health

Specialized care from Babies to Tweens, Preschoolers to Teens.


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